About Lark&Lux


As a new mom, untold challenges, profound sleeplessness and hair-pulling frustration are expected. One of the greatest unexpected challenges I faced a new mom was the disappointment in breastfeeding friendly dresses. Stuck in a no-woman's land of a post-partum body that fit into my regular wardrobe, but required the feeding-accessibility afforded by my maternity wardrobe, I knew I could do better for all moms. With these considerations in mind, I decided to make my own perfect dress. I pulled a favourite pre-pregnancy day dress, a few tank tops, and a pair scissors and got to work. Slowly, the first prototype took shape and a few iterations later, my first design, The Melly, was born.

Designed with the variable days of mom life in mind, The Melly is the perfect wardrobe staple for all phases of motherhood. With a quick change of accessories, The Melly can take moms from play date to lunch date, or from babys room to boardroom, all while allowing her to breastfeed or pump whenever needed.

Crafted from naturally breathable Bamboo fabric, Lark & Lux dresses combine a supportive built-in bra with easy zipper access to make feeding on the go stylish and discrete. Moms can feel confident in their clothes and confident in their choice to feed baby in any situation.

Feeding your baby the way you want shouldn't mean sacrificing that feel-good in your clothes vibe we all love. With Lark & Lux, you can do both!